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Spierings Mobile Cranes

Spierings Mobile Cranes

Spierings Mobile Cranes is one of the biggest mobile folding crane-producer. Some years after their start, the advantages of high strength steels were seen by this Dutch crane-producer. High strength steel would make them able to reduce the weight, increase the payload and made it possible to increase the jib-length considerably.

The company is located in a city called Oss in the Southern part of the Netherlands close to the German border. Spierings Mobile Cranes was founded in 1987 as a family company by Mr. and Mrs. Spierings. Everything started in a small workshop with services and overhauling existing cranes. In 1989 their first folding crane became reality. This was the start of a long road of success for Spierings Mobile Cranes, who moved into a brand new modern factory in 2000. Since then every year a new crane-model is developed.

”Back in the seventies and eighties, construction companies thought that tower cranes ran more efficiently, but lacked mobility and capacity”, says Mr. Leo Spierings, owner and director of Spierings Mobile Cranes. This made Spierings Mobile Cranes take up the challenge to develop a user-friendly, mobile tower crane on a specially designed compact carrier.

”Only the best will do!”

Over the past 22 years more than 700 cranes found their way in Europe and Canada, and Spierings Mobile Cranes has grown into market leader in the field of mobile folding cranes using SSAB-products. The high strength steel Domex 700MC is used in all of their models.
”Only the best will do!”, as Mr. Spierings is saying when he tells about the importance of quality. Quality, health, safety and environment are important for Spierings Mobile Cranes and that fits exactly in the strategy of SSAB. ”The well-being of our employees will certainly contribute to the quality of our cranes”, says Mr. Leo Spierings.

Research and Development is a major place within Spierings Mobile Cranes. The existing cranes are continuously extended and improved. Therefore Spierings Mobile Cranes has always new ideas to develop their products where the support of SSAB is appreciated.  

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