Recycling of scrap is an intelligent way of producing steel.

Scrap steel offers an energy-efficient alternative for producing new steel. In addition, it ensures good conservation of the Earth’s resources.

Scrap steel is the world’s largest recycling system. Scrap is always carefully sorted, since it may be alloyed and contain various additives. The scrap is selected to suit the steel grade to be produced.

SSAB operates steelworks in Montpelier, Iowa and Mobile, Alabama. The scrap is melted in electric arc furnaces. Both locations are equipped with twin furnaces. The scrap is first preheated by means of natural gas.

While the scrap is being preheated in one of the furnaces, the scrap in the other is melted with electric power. The electrodes are lowered toward the scrap bath and the voltage causes an arc to be struck. The molten scrap immediately becomes new crude steel that is tapped into ladles, while the electrodes are transferred to the other side.

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