Ambassade suédoise sécurisée à Washington

Safe Swedish embassy in Washington

Le bâtiment d'exception de l'ambassade suédoise à Washington, la Maison de la Suède, a été inauguré en 2006. Il y règne une atmosphère d'ouverture et de transparence. Ce bâtiment est protégé par l'acier Armox, la tôle de protection la plus résistante du monde. 

The Challenge

Design a safe building expressing openness, democracy and transparency

The Swedish embassy in Washington has aroused a great deal of international interest. The embassy is at the waterfront along the Potomac River in Washington Harbour and was designed by Gert Wingård, an eminent Swedish architect. The embassy houses 16 apartments, as well as public areas for holding exhibitions and seminars. This creative environment is where Ambassador Jonas Haftström and approximately 50 employees work and entertain.

The body of the building is surrounded by a belt of brightly lit trees which give the impression that the building is ‘floating’ at night. The materials used include light-colored wood, glass and stone that reflect the roots and traditions of Sweden.

The Solution

Armox in door and wall structures

Armox protection plate combines good ballistic properties with excellent toughness. It can be used for walls, doors, window frames, reception counters and shutters. Buildings such as airports, police stations, public authority buildings, railway stations and banks often use Armox.

In the Swedish embassy building, different grades of Armox protection plate with various thicknesses are used in door and wall structures, depending on the degree of protection needed.

Customer Benefits

Safety for personnel

For security reasons we cannot say exactly where the protection plate is used and how much Armox has been delivered to the embassy. But the plate is intended to prevent unauthorized entry and create a safe environment for people who live, work and entertain here.

”We have delivered Armox plate to several other embassies as well”

Says Per Hansson, Product Manager for Armox at SSAB.

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Doors and walls


The swedish embassy in Washington