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New steel makes trailers more efficient

The new trailers from BS Logistics take as much punishment as the old ones, but they weigh a ton less. The company, which develops and builds special trailers for raw forest products, opted to switch to SSAB’s 400 Brinell wear steel. It slashed welding work by 25 percent and reduced plate wastage to almost zero.

The challenge

Stronger construction, higher payloads

Jaakko Aho, a design engineer and the managing director of BS Logistics, met SSAB’s engineers at a trade fair in August 2009. His company needed a strong, wear-resistant construction for its trailers that would also allow for higher payloads. He was intrigued by SSAB’s new rolled, strip-hardened steel. Having the plate delivered in up to seven metre lengths also had obvious benefits.


Faster production and less waste

BS Logistics was able to develop a trailer design that leveraged all the material advantages of the new steel. After just three months the new trailers were ready. Now it’s possible to offer customers higher payloads, with reduced welding, less waste and faster production.

“The key step was that SSAB’s technical customer support could show how the new material should be formed so that we could replace the welded four-cornered frame on the trailer’s crown. The shape around the crown is crucial to whether the trailer can hold its shape when it is loaded and unloaded,” says Jaakko Aho.

 “Reduced welding, less waste and faster production”

Customer benefits

New design with smart solutions

SSAB’s wear-resistant steel enabled BS Logistics to engineer trailers with special features for forest waste. The trailer loads comprise logs in six metre lengths or stumps that are hard, heavy and sharp. The open trailer can be rapidly filled and emptied, with the truck crane handling loading and unloading. At the same time, the entire load is protected in an enclosed space. Another solution built into the trailer is a sweeper that removes gravel, stone and ice from the trailer floor, which need to be avoided in the biomass boilers of heating plants.


SSAB is a world leader in the supply of high strength steels. SSAB offers products that have been developed in cooperation with customers, with the aim of creating a stronger, lighter and more durable world.

SSAB has 8 700 employees in more than 45 countries, and has production plants in Sweden and the USA. SSAB is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic stock exchange, Stockholm.

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BS Logistics was able to redesign its trailers for forest waste thanks to the benefits of SSAB’s new rolled, strip-hardened steel. The stronger, lighter construction allows for higher payloads, reduced welding and waste, and special features.