“Our target was to reduce the weight by 25 percent,” says Bo Silén, managing director and owner of ILAB in Sweden. “We achieved this with the new LV-M containers, using stronger, thinner steel. Now the containers weigh 800 kilos less, which means our customers can carry 600 tons more per year than a regular container but at the same price.”

The new containers were designed and produced in close cooperation with SSAB and ILAB’s manufacturing partner, Janusz Kiedrowski (JK). At a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility in Byslaw, Poland, mass production of the containers will begin in November 2011, using a mix of Docol 1000, Hardox and Domex 700.

“The lighter containers mean that customers can increase their payload or decrease fuel consumption, which benefits the environment,” says Janusz Kiedrowski, managing director and owner of JK. “The containers also require less steel and welding.”

According to Lukasz Piechal, regional sales manager for SSAB EMEA, all three companies worked closely together to design the containers and test the prototypes. ILAB and JK also received special training from SSAB in how to work with high strength steel.

“The container industry has been built up by practical people,” says Bo Silén. “Now we have SSAB’s theoretical expertise to take us to the next level.”