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Increased strength for Polish market leader Wielton with SSAB steel

Wielton is the biggest trailer- and tipper-manufacturer in Poland. The paths of Wielton and SSAB crossed each other in 1997 and this was the beginning of a long term corporation with technical developments year by year. The high strength steel Domex 700MC made it possible to reduce the weight of their products to increase the payload for the end-users.

Wielton is located in the South-West of Poland in a small town called Wielun. The company was started in 1991 as a small trading-company. In 1996 Wielton decided to start with the production of their own trailers and grew every year bigger in size and number of produced products.

The typical brand for Wielton is the camel, comparing the animal's strenght in carry heavy loads on long distances.

In 2007 the company went to the Polish stock-exchange and this was the beginning of a new era for Wielton. The high strength-steel used for their application became even thinner and stronger. Wielton invested at the same time in new and modern equipment able to increase the number and quality of their products in an efficient way.
Today they are happy with their products and the Domex 700MC they use. ”This material stands for quality and gives our customers the possibility to increase the payload”, says Mr. Bartosz Strugacz, Purchasing Manager of Wielton.
But the development at Wielton does not stand still. Continuously new ideas makes them to be a leader on the Polish market and recently they developed together with SSAB a new tipper where Docol 1000DP is used. By using this steel  and its special-designed side-wall shape (design is patented) Wielton was able to produce an even stronger product than before.

”Before we produced the side-walls out of several sheets, but with this Docol 1000DP we reduced the number of sheets to just one”, says Mr. Strugacz, ”So far we have sold almost over 70 pieces and the interest is big in this product”.