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Some Domex products are replaced by Strenx -


Lighter and stronger cranes with high strength steel

Kudesnik is the sales organization for the two biggest truck-crane-manufactures in Russia, working with the brand-names Klintsy and Galich. Since several years, they are using Domex 700MC to let the end-users lift a higher load than before. With Domex 700MC the designers of Klintsy and Galich were able to reduce the thickness of the steel and to use the strength of the high strength-steel in an optimal way.

Kudesnik was founded in 1992 and located in Moscow. From the beginning they were selling specialized lifting equipment with order production supplied directly from factories. They developed in a high speed new crane-models with the use of the high strength-steel of SSAB.

”The idea is to upgrade all the older models and use high strength-steel so that the customer will be able to lift higher payloads than before”, says Mr. Andrey Smolyanov, the commercial-director of Kudesnik. So far Kudesnik has mainly sold truck-cranes on the Russian market, since there is a high demand here. But the next step is to introduce their products to the West-European market.

Recently Kudesnik introduced their latest model the KC65721 that is a 60-ton truck-crane on a Volvo-chassis FM400 with 4 axles. This crane has a 42 meters long 5 section crane-boom made out of high strength steel produced at the production-plant of Galich.

”But this is not the end of the development”, says Mr. Smolyanov. ” This is just the beginning of a range of crane-models”.

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