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I nuovi veicoli per la raccolta rifiuti aumentano la produttività

A modern garbage truck

La riduzione di peso è un fattore importante per tutti i compattatori a caricamento posteriore. Perciò, si è cercato di realizzare un nuovo tipo di veicolo più leggero, che offrisse una maggiore portata utile e fosse adatto ai centri urbani.

Bobby McKinney – PowerTrak was introduced to the market two years ago and has been a success,” says Bobby McKinney, product engineer at the garbage truck manufacturer Heil.

The challenge

Design a lighter rear loadgarbage truck

The most critical part of a rear-loader is, not surprisingly, the rear. This is where garbage is loaded and transferred into the truck for compression. This is also where the garbage is emptied for transportation to a dump or a transfer site. Traditional trucks made from mild steel are often characterized by their heavy weight – and this can cause problems.
The key challenge for us was to resolve the weight issue, bearing in mind the need for hidden electronics and operational units that are easy to access.

The solution

A new design based on Domex 700 MC

High strength steel in Domex 700 MC was chosen to produce a lighter, stronger product, that does not need much maintenance. It is ideal for coping with abrasion caused by a lot of wear and tear that garbage trucks suffer from. Using advanced high strength steel also enabled our client to increase payload close to a full ton. 
This new model is equipped to deal with strong and fast compression and rapid loading/unloading, leading to efficiency on a daily basis

Customer benifits

A higher performing vehicle

Lower weight means increased loading abilities, savings in transport costs and lower fuel consumption.  This stronger product, characterized by better  quality, also provides lower maintenance costs. These benefits are easy to explain and understand and will certainly give a short term return on investment.

“This truck was introduced to the market two years ago and I’d say that it has been a success,” says Bobby McKinney, Product Engineer at the truck construction company Heil Environmental Industries, Ft Payne, Alabama, USA".