The time schedule was extremely tight. Yurmash received an order for roof support equipment for one of the largest coal mines in Russia but the delivery had to take place within 12 weeks.

The designers at Yurmash had developed brand new chock-shield supports which are used to strengthen and support the ceilings and walls of mines. It is very important that the equipment is light, but at the same time strong enough to cope with the extreme forces.

Yurmash decided to use one of the most advanced high strength steel grades that exists on the market, Weldox 900 from SSAB.

“The distance and the volume of the order put severe demands on the logistics”, says Grigory Vavarin, SSAB Sales in Russia. “We soon realised that the only way to guarantee the delivery was to use trailers”.

The Yurmash plant is situated in Yurga in the Kemerovo region, half way along the Trans-Siberian railway which runs between Moscow and Vladivostok. The distance from the SSAB steel mill in Sweden is approximately 6,060 kilometres – one way.

Still everything went perfectly.

“At Yurmash they are very satisfied with the way SSAB handled the delivery”, says Grigory Vavarin. “And Yurmash is an impressive company, the technical level and quality of products manufactured by the plant are equal to western European analogues”.

Yurmash, founded in 1943, is today a successful industrial company covering the complete production cycle, ranging from foundry and steel melting to assembly of complicated machinery located under one roof. The industrial estate includes five core production lines:

  • Manufacture of mining equipment and machinery.
  • Manufacture of construction machinery.
  • Heat and power generation.
  • Metallurgical production.
  • Manufacture of metallurgical equipment.


SSAB is a world leader in the supply of high strength steels. SSAB offers products that have been developed in cooperation with customers, with the aim of creating a stronger, lighter and more durable world.

SSAB has 8 700 employees in more than 45 countries, and has production plants in Sweden and the USA. SSAB is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic stock exchange, Stockholm.