The higher the strength level, the greater the potential for downgauging and thus the greater the potential weight saving. Savings of up to 40% can be achieved; in thicker gauges the potential weight saving can be extremely significant.

Higher strength materials also offer greater wear resistance which has considerable benefits in certain applications. It may be that more strength is required in a design, in which case this can be achieved without adding weight to the structure.

As a very generalised comment, formability decreases as strength level increases. However, high levels of formability can be obtained from many high strength grades and these should be considered in potential design.

Use of the Weight Reduction programme contained on this website can show potential weight savings by upgrading to Domex grades. Whilst higher strength grades are more expensive, this increased cost can be more than compensated for by the reduced quantity of steel required for the application. Material selection thus depends on a combination of the strength required, the formability demands and an assessment of total cost.