Toolox manufacture of forged parts

As a specialist in the manufacture of forged parts for the automotive industry, Krenhof Schmiedetechnik AG produces its own tools to make batch production parts. The tools are mostly surface engineered to give them the high wear resistance and durability they need.

The challenge

The problem with surface engineering is that cracks can appear in those layers, even if it is carried out efficiently. Material then gets caught on the edges of the cracks during the forging process, leaving scar-like marks on the forged items. As a result, there are more rejects than good parts, especially in smaller production batches.

The solution

“With SSAB’s Toolox 44, we’ve finally found the material we had long been searching for – a material that isn’t surface engineered, yet still has the same properties,” says CEO Matthias Hartmann.

The first success of the new tool steel has been achieved with the construction of prototypes. Every year, the company manufactures 100 different components for new vehicle models – and these are now produced exclusively using tools made of Toolox.

“The right balance between hardness, toughness, and heat resistance”

Customer benefits

“You normally need to compromise on hardness if you want to achieve a high level of crack resistance, yet Toolox enables us to achieve the right balance between hardness, toughness, and heat resistance,” adds Hartmann.

Krenhof has also started using Toolox 44 in the shear blades used for rod cutting. Breakages have almost been eliminated and the blades’ lifetime has increased tenfold.


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Toolox enables the company to forge die parts without surface hardening