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SSAB uses two different process methods for steelmaking.

Ore-based hot metal is produced in Sweden from iron ore pellets in blast furnaces in Luleå and Oxelösund. A minor quantity of scrap is also added here when the hot metal is refined to crude steel in LD converters.

In the USA, our steelworks recycle scrap in electric arc furnaces and produce their crude steel in entirely scrapbased processes. In both cases, fine adjustment of the final composition of the steel is carried out in accordance with the SSAB recipe in ladle metallurgy, before the finished molten steel is cast and cooled in continuous casting machines to produce slabs.

SSAB produces sheet steel and heavy plate in Sweden, and heavy plate in the USA.

High strength steels acquire their strength by precise addition of alloying elements in accordance with the recipe, and by our manufacturing methods, such as hardening in extremely fast quenching processes.

High precision is a critical condition.