In order to make the system more flexible, German company Sirch GmbH & Co. KG has developed a container for the transport of both bulk and general cargo.

“RCA required a lightweight container that could be entered from all sides”, says Markus Sirch, managing partner of the company. “The challenge was to make the container light despite the extra doors.”

The solution was high-tensile Domex steel for the floor beams and the floor steel sheet and Docol for the side walls. This made each and every container one ton lighter.
“Mobiler meets the highest environmental standards since more transport can be handled by rail,” Markus Sirch says. “With this ultralight container, a typical train can take up to 30 tons more per trip, which adds another great advantage from an environmental perspective.”

At RCA, 20 of the special Mobiler containers are already successfully in use. At Sirch, this kind of container is now part of the regular product range.