“Well thought-out groundwork offers the greatest potential for improvement when you choose to use advanced high strength steel in new products,” says Claes Olsson, a designer and specialist in fatigue strength at TechStrat AB, who currently works primarily with training in design and strength calculations. “SSAB has done a lot to simplify the use of modern steel grades. I have often used their Sheet Steel Handbook to gather both facts and ideas for my work, and the new edition of the book is even better than the last.”

Joachim Larsson, head of structural technology at SSAB’s Knowledge Service Center in Borlänge, Sweden, says their specialists often have to answer questions about new designs from customers wanting to use advanced high strength steel. “These questions are frequently about helping them interpret results from the finite element (FE) analysis,” Larsson says. “Our long experience is often a great help in these cases.”

Larsson agrees with Olsson that there are many advantages to giving extra thought to a project before designing and construction begin. “It’s possible to reduce weight by up to 60 percent in some applications,” he adds. “And if weight isn’t an issue, you can use the margin to improve the product’s performance or lower its cost.”