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Better tool performance with Toolox44

Mould for Thyssen Talent UK made of Toolox 44

ThyssenKrupp Tallent UK is a leading manufacturer of pressed components for the automotive industry. Products are manufactured cost-efficiently using assembly lines with automated robotic welding.

The Challenge

Premature cracking of blanking die

Just in time deliveries are vital to keep car production running and can be extremely costly if the manufacturing process is stopped due to unavailable components.

Failure of the press tool to manufacture quality components consistently, without production breakdowns, can make the difference between securing future orders or losing business all together.

Customer Benefits

Longer tool life and increased productivity

Using Toolox 44 has significantly improved die life, making the job profitable and ensuring on-time delivery.

In addition die manufacturing time has been reduced, leading to lower production costs.

As the heat treatment is carried out by SSAB, this guarantees high quality and consistency in every piece of steel.

When the customer purchases Toolox, SSAB guarantees that all of the properties in every piece of steel meet stringent quality standards - something which is totally unique in the market place today.

The Solution

Toolox 44 replaces conventional tool steel

The solution was found in Toolox 44 and in nitriding the die to protect the edges when blanking.

A Toolox 44 die was made and put into production. It soon became obvious that this die was far superior to those used in conventional tool steels. Toolox 44 remained intact and
the die became a major success, dealing with over 255,000 blows without any problems.

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Mould for automotive pressings


Staffordshire, UK