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Toolox improves recycling performance

Nacher Mecanizados SL has been manufacturing high quality machined components since 1978. Even before the current economical downturn in Spain they decided to specialize in machining of large pieces. Therefore they have an advantage compared to many of their competitors.


A recycling plant needed to do maintenance of one of their machines recycling PET plastic bottles. For the support of the cutting blades they wanted a more reliable steel than the previous one. At the same time, they wanted the delivery time of the supports as short as possible to be able to restart their recycling operation.


Nacher Mecanizados SLThe combination of a high yield strength and a much higher toughness than alternative steels, makes Toolox very suitable for heavy machinery.

The low residual stresses made it possible for Nacher Mecanizados to machine the pieces in just one setup. Furthermore the milling speed could be improved due to the homogenous Toolox microstructure. The fact that Toolox is delivered in flat shape,  also makes it a much more practical alternative than the normally used alloyed steel round bars.


Manuel Nacher, owner of Nacher Mecanizados says “Toolox gives me a possibility to manufacture high performance components very effectively. The superior mechanical properties of Toolox and the unique quality control of the product also makes it possible to offer a very reliable product to my customers”.


Håkan Engström

Key Account Manager

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