Last year, we welcomed previous and new participants to Copenhagen, where the seventh Nordic Steel Day took place. We offered a program that was just as packed and interesting as in 2012, when we were at City Arena in Gothenburg.

The program for Nordic Steel Day is each year based around a theme. This is how it has looked over the years:

2012 in Gothenburg: Lighter, stronger and more sustainable steel and relationships.
2011 in Luleå: 3 dimensions.
2010 in Tällberg: Increase productivity 50%.
2009 in Copenhagen: Green Steel.
2008 in Gothenburg: Put SSAB’s management up against the wall!
2007 in Falun/Borlänge: The future.

Every Nordic Steel Day also features at least one top-rated motivational speaker. Last year it was Christer Olsson who held a very inspiring and entertaining presentation about relationships. Among previous years’ inspirational speakers, we have had Bo Ekman, Tällberg Foundation, Gunde Svan, who spoke about how important determination is for success, and long-distance runner Rune Larsson who emphasized the importance of setting the right goal.

The number of participants has increased year on year, and currently totals well over 200. An important reason for participating is all the inspiring meetings and discussions with colleagues and competitors. We also know for certain that one or two new customer contacts are established.