Scope of The Swedish Steel Prize
The Swedish Steel Prize could be awarded to any product in which high-strength structural steel, wear plate or tool steel (the term high-strength steel is used in this text to denote also extra high-strength steel and ultra high strength steel) has contributed to an innovative design, which gives clear benefits. This may relate, for example, to new design features, lighter products, simplified production, longer life time, improved performance and beneficial environmental effects.

The materials used must be within the range of materials made by SSAB but need not necessarily be produced by SSAB.
The prize also covers methods and tools, which simplifies the use of such steels or could contribute towards expanded use of these steels.
There are no time limits within which the product or method must be evolved or developed.

The jury selects one winner. The three other nominees are considered second prize-winners.
The decision of the jury is final.

2. Applicants
Companies, institutions, organisations as well as individual persons may apply for the prize. The entrants need not be SSAB customers.
Every applicant gets a confirmation, including the serial number as soon as the application is registered.

3. Criteria
3.1 Conditions for entry
 -the entries must concern a new design of a product, or a development of an existing design, made of high strength structural steel, wear plate or tool steel. The entry may also concern a method (including improvements of tools made in tooling steel) that facilitates the use or working of these steels or broadens their field of application.
- a product or a tool must have been produced as a prototype or be in production. It must also be suitable for serial production
- a method must have been tested and documented for use in serial production
- The materials used must be within the range of materials made by SSAB, but need not necessarily be produced by SSAB. If a method, it must be aimed for materials within the range that can be produced by SSAB.
There are no time limits within which the product, method or tool must be evolved or developed.

3.2 Assessment parameters
The entries are assessed  with regard  to  applicability, profitability, environmental benefits, performance and innovation/creativity.
 The reached benefits, for example less environmental impact, longer life, lower costs and more competitive companies, can be of use to an individual company as well as a complete industrial branch or society as a whole.

4. Application
4.1 The application must contain:
- Identification (name, company and address of the applicant(s) and contact person(s)
– A description of the product, tool or method, preferably accompanied by a technical drawing, sketch or photograph.
– Particulars of the steel grade or grades used and, where applicable, the material used previously.
– If a product, a description of provable benefits or provable usefulness derived from using high-strength steel in the proposed product/tool, compared to alternative material.
- If a method or tool, a description of the benefits offered when using this particular method/tool.

4.4 Confidentiality
The entries submitted will be treated as confidential by all persons handling them. Nominated entries will be published either in their entity or in part, as agreed with the applicant.

5. The prize
SEK 100  000 + Statuette + Diploma to the winner. Any tax due is payable by the winner.
Diplomas to the three second prize-winners.

An important part of the value of being the winner of/ nominated to the Swedish Steel Prize is the extensive PR we are doing about all the nominees and the winner in particular.

Application deadline
The applications shall be received by SSAB no later than 15 August.