SSAB's research and development is based on market needs with a focus on product development, customer applications, and process development. Relevant customer segments are identified in a structured process, where the lighter, stronger and more durable steel applications fill critical functions and add value.

SSAB's research work is governed by the mandate that SSAB's products will be first choice for customers worldwide and will set the standard for performance in the selected market segments.

Well structured project portfolio

To maintain a leading position within high strength steel it is required that, among other things, research and development have a long term perspective. The company's ambition is that ten percent of the research and development resources should be allocated to projects with a longer perspective, about five to ten years.

Development projects are initiated according to specific customer requirements, changes in the outside world, market analysis or around basic research on the steels' core properties. SSAB strives for a good balance between these categories.

Research centers close to customers

The hubs of the development work are SSAB's research centers. SSAB strives to conduct research as close to customers as possible. In Sweden there are two research centers. A research and development center opened in the U.S in 2010, and a new center opened in China in 2011. The centers will enable more consumers to improve production efficiency and product design in close cooperation with SSAB.

SSAB's major production sites also conduct local process development in the various production sections. In addition, SSAB cooperates with selected research and development institutions, such as Swerea.

SSAB key factors for successful R&D

  • Market-driven R&D
  • Competent employees
  • Effective portfolio and project management
  • Focus on effective problem solving
  • Work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation
  • Strong external networks