Many ways to benefit

No matter your size or location, if you are an OEM operating in the industries of lifting, trailer and truck bodies, agriculture, forestry, fishing, as well as industrial production, you have much to gain. By taking advantage of SSAB Shape you can gain a competitive edge not only through your choice of High Strength Steel but also through:

  • Direct access to SSAB design solutions and steel processing expertise;
  • Steel processing and pre-processing services that cut cost, avoid errors and obsolescence, while speeding up the production process;
  • Component solutions with pre-processed and semi-finished parts as well as kits produced and delivered just-in-time;

Shape Solutions

SSAB Shape is the fastest way to innovation, the fastest way to upgrade to High Strength Steel and the fastest way to gain a competitive edge through exclusive value added services.
All together SSAB Shape can innovate your business and make you stronger than ever before.

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