“Our trailers are constantly being loaded and unloaded, with the contents constantly sliding across the surface,” says Technical Manager Steve Coy. “In some cases the contents can be something like scrap steel, which is nearly as hard as the trailer itself, and can do a lot of damage.”

Construction Trailer Specialists has been using SSAB steel for over a decade, and currently their trailers include Domex, Docal and Hardox, with Hardox 450 easily being the most used.

“Hardox 450 has the best wear resistance. The quality is far superior to the rest,” says Sales Manager Kyle Eudy. “It also has the added benefit of strength and structural integrity. We’ve seen large trailers involved in accidents, and when they come back here, the dents just pop back into place. The material retains its original shape.”

“Hardox is definitely a selling point,” adds Coy. “If you tell a customer the trailer is made of AR 450, it is accepted as standard. But if you tell them it’s made from Hardox 450, then they know that not only are we using the right material, but we’re using the best.”