Прокат передовых высокопрочных сталей

Roll forming of advanced high strength steels

Большинство главных потребителей катаных сталей является изготовителями автомобилей. “Они ожидают, что мы будем непрерывно развивать наши технологические процессы, методы и продукты”, - говорит Кевин Синк. “Как Вам удается это делать? Можно ли настолько улучшить прокат стальной детали?”


How do you improve from 100%

Superior Roll Forming in Valley City, Michigan, USA, is a third generation company that shapes sheet steel primarily for the automotive industry.“This is a very demanding segment,” states Kevin Synk, president of the company. “They naturally expect the quality to be 100 per cent, but also that we continuously develop our processes, techniques and the products we manufacture.”

Roll forming a piece of steel can´t be improved that much, can it?


No need for post processing operations

By combining skills with knowledge of new materials and the demands that car manufacturers have, Superior Roll Forming can develop a tailor-made process. It is roll-forming, certainly, but it also includes steps such as inserting bolts and nuts, welding and multi punching.

Before entering the first roll forming tool there are a set of holes punched in the sheet. In-line bolts are inserted and clinched in place, eliminating the need for welding or post processing operations, then the material is twisted 180 degrees. After this the shaping process starts.

The use of some of the most advanced steel grades on the market is also important. Superior Roll Forming collaborates with SSAB Swedish Steel which manufactures advanced high strength steel, both extra and ultra high strength steel. Thanks to the properties of these steel grades, thinner material can be used without sacrificing quality or safety. And the roll  forming process itself increases the yield strength of the ultra high strength steel being used.

Roll forming a piece of steel can´t be improved that much, can it?


Continuous improvement

Everybody benefits from an automated process where no complementary work needs to be done before final assembly.

This is the key to success for Superior Roll Forming: creative solutions where the delivered products push the limits for what can be done.

 “Today we are working closely with our customers to support them in their continuous  improvement,” says Ray Krause, vice president of Superior Roll Forming.


“Creative solutions where the delivered products push the limits for what can be done”


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