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Успехи компании Tuff благодаря Domex

Getting Tuff with Domex


Australian specialist trailer builder, Tuff Trailers, has been using the Domex product from SSAB for some time now, with great results. Apart from the astonishing characteristics of the steels, the company points out SSAB's excellent delivery reliability as one of the major key factors to success.

"We aim to use the best and Domex is a great product for the right money"


Tuff Trailers was looking for steels that offer lower weight and increased payload. But characteristics like good formability, stronger structure and a longer useful life were also important.

The product had to be really easy to cut, as well.


The company was introduced to Domex steels which meet these demands perfectly. The steels are mastered to match various types of product requirements - ranging from vehicles, lifting devices, tanks, containers to machinery. They are produced in a variety of grades and strengths, ranging from 220 to 700 N/mm2. The steels came in mighty handy for the trailer producer.

“We believe that Domex will ensure that our trailers last even longer,” explains Denis Dipascuale from Tuff Trailers.

What about cutting characteristics?

"We have found the product really easy to cut with our high definition plasma profile cutter and I know the guys on the factory floor are really impressed by how well the product presses,” explains Denis Dipascuale.


Furthermore, the Domex steels used now by Tuff Trailers offer environmental benefits and greater competitiveness.

Another plus for the company is the finish of the trailers, "they are always impressive," as Mr. Dipascuale says.

Crucial for production has always been the delivery reliability of SSAB.

“There have been times when they have run out of the stock that we need, but they can always complete the order because they’ll get the product out of another branch, they’ve never let us down,” explains Denis Dipascuale.

The steels helped the company to build some interesting trailers in its time. As a result, these trailers are the first of its kind and are generating much interest in the marketplace. Most recently, they have built a 48-foot drop deck tilt extendible for Ready Towing.

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Tuff Trailers, Australia





Australian trailer producer Tuff Trailers now uses Domex steels with high strength with good formability, reducing the deadweight of structures.