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Knife support in recycling machine made of Toolox

The challenge

The highest priority for the head of maintenance in any recycling plant is to keep the equipment running. Ensuring a long lifetime is important, but even more crucial is avoiding unplanned outages.
After a breakdown of the machine for recycling wood when one of the knife supports failed, the maintenance manager looked for a more reliable solution.

The solution

The solution came using Toolox 33. The strength of Toolox combined with its superior properties in the workshop made Toolox the perfect solution. Since Toolox was available at the SSAB distributor Industrias Trimar, close to the recycling plant, the time the machine was out of commission could be kept to a minimum.

Customer benefits

The low carbide content of Toolox makes it possible to significantly increase the machining speed. Another benefit of the steel is that the low stress level makes it easy to reach the close tolerances of the support. Furthermore, Toolox has very homogenous properties within each plate and between plate deliveries. This homogeneity is guaranteed since each Toolox plate is individually tested and plates that do not meet strict SSAB standards are removed. This unique quality control process enables the maintenance plant to optimize operations in a brand new way.


Håkan Engström

Key Account Manager

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